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Client: Morgan Properties

Project: Avenue Heights, Highgate

Scope: Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Hoarding, reduced level excavation. 

Duration: 12 weeks

Evolution Demolition was contracted by Morgan Properties as PC by competitive tendering to undertake demolition, hoarding and reduce level excavation of Avenue Heights in Highgate to make way for a new high-end residential development. The tower block and car park were occupied throughout the demolition phase meaning Evolution’s management went far beyond the works package with constant interface with residents and visitors meaning logistical plans in and around the site required updating and managing regularly.

Scope of work as follows:
• Design, Supply & Erection of site hoarding
• Vehicular & Pedestrian traffic management
• Controlled dismantling, demolition of structure using 

   conventional and robotic demolition techniques c/w full 

   environmental monitoring.
• Asbestos Removal
• Land Remediation
• Earthworks


Asbestos material buried sub-surface and within the ducting under the slab (Not reported within site demolition Asbestos report) was discovered by Evolution during excavation, so Evolution then undertook an operation of Ground remediation, safely removing all buried Asbestos Material from the site. There were also a number of un-surveyed services that entered the tower block through the ground floor slab which Evolution were required to locate and reroute to avoid the risk of damage.

Client: Beyond the box developments 

Project: Esplanade Public House, Southend on sea

Scope: Demolition, land remediation, temporary works

Duration: 26 Weeks

Evolution Enabling Services was contracted in by Beyond the Box Developments as PC by competitive tendering to undertake demolition, and ground clearance of the Esplanade Public House on Southend-on-Sea Seafront to make way for a new high-end residential development. The building was actually set fire prior to Evolution starting on site.  We were then called in as an emergency to make the fire-damaged steel frame structure safe once the Fire Services had finished their work.


Evolution Enabling scope of work thereafter was as follows:

  • Controlled dismantling and demolition of structures using conventional and robotic demolition techniques c/w full
    environmental monitoring.

  • Temporary works to secure retaining wall (The building is at the foot of a steep cliff that has suffered landslides in the last twenty years towards the Seafront).

  • Concrete Crushing and Construction of piling mat with crushed material.

  • Vehicular & Pedestrian traffic management.

  • Design, Supply & Erection of site hoarding.

  • Asbestos Removal.

  • Land Remediation.


Asbestos material buried sub-surface (Not reported within site Demolition Asbestos report) was discovered by Evolution prior to any excavation taking place so Evolution then undertook an operation of Ground remediation, safely removing all buried Asbestos Material from the site. Evolution Enabling Services handed the site over to the new build Contractor fully prepared, level Asbestos free, and stable, complete with prepared Pile Mats and a Tower Crane base (From recycled clean crushed concrete) ready for new build activities on time and within budget.

Client: Hill

Project: The lawns 

Scope: Demolition, Asbestos removal

Duration: 15 Weeks

Evolution Enabling were tasked with the Demolition, asbestos removal, site setup, hoardings and client mobilisation of the Lawns project. The lawns were a Six/Seven story building in the centre of Stoke Newington with heavy passing traffic and a school in close proximity, with a number of pinch points, parts of the demolition were undertaken out of hours and with full road closures.

Both standard and long reach demolition specification excavators were employed to reduce the building down to ground level. Foundations were excavated down to 7m and broken out and removed. Pile mats were excavated and constructed and a surplus of over 6000m2 of crushed material was removed off-site.

Evolution provided asbestos removal, demolition, and working platform construction. In addition, extensive utility and service investigations were conducted to facilitate demolition work. As a result of various construction phases and varying main contractors, the condition of existing utilities was unknown. Therefore, we were contracted to perform detailed exploratory works and provide the client with survey information to enable further design and rerouting of existing utilities to enable demolition.

The project is adjacent to a busy school and located within an estate that has previously undergone high-profile construction. In order to mitigate the noise and dust generated by demolition and construction works, we utilized cutting-edge 24hr sound and dust monitoring systems. All demolition materials were salvaged for re-use on site or in the surrounding area using high reach excavators.  

Client: Hill

Project: Mardyke estate 

Scope: Demolition, Asbestos removal

Duration: 10 Weeks

Client: Bouygues UK

Project: Leon House

Scope: Demolition, Structural Alterations

Duration: 30 Weeks

It was Evolution Enabling's task to undertake specialist demolition and cutting works to an existing 24 storey building in Croydon High St. The project was scheduled to be completed within a tight time frame with demolition works taking place in and around other trades.

Our onsite management had undertaken robotic demolition and concrete cutting to parts of the structure with trades works in the vicinity. Our on-site management and programming of works have been crucial to ensuring works are carried out safely with the minimum of disruption to other trades whilst still achieving the dates required by the MC. Noise, dust and vibration are closely monitored to ensure safe working conditions. We have also undertaken the removal of concrete cladding panels to the exterior of the building on the 23rd floor. The removal of the panels was an extremely high-risk operation with working methods devised adapted and monitored by our onsite management team. To date, we have also drilled through over 1000lm of concrete for the installation of new services within the building.