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Project: Transfer Tower Demolition

Scope: Temporary Works, Strip Out, Dismantling and Demolition

Duration: 5 Weeks

Evolution Demolition were tasked with the demolition of the existing grain transfer tower.


The works required the temporary propping of the existing adjoining transfer gantry and the subsequent demolition of the tower in readiness for the erection of the new tower.


Given the close proximity of the structure to adjacent buildings and other ongoing works as well as the challenging weather conditions on the river front, the project had to undergo extensive planning and preparation.


Fire and dust explosions were a risk that had to be managed during the works as well as the extensive temporary works. To enable demolition, the works had to be planned to accommodate the construction of the new structure. The temporary works were monitored for a prolonged period during construction.

Scope of work included:

  • Design, supply & erection of temporary works including piled foundations

  • Erection of temporary tower to support cantilever section of the attached gantry

  • Preparation of the structure for demolition

  • Demolition of the structure

  • Removal of the foundations


Project: Agar Grove

Scope: Demolition

Duration: 19 Weeks

Evolution were tasked with the asbestos removal, demolition and enabling works at the Agar Grove estate.


The works required logistical planning due to the large amount of asbestos present in the buildings and the tight program of the piling.


Demolition works were undertaken using both high reach demolition plant and standard demolition excavators.

All material was crushed for re-use on site. As part of the enabling works, a reduced level dig was undertaken and contaminated spoils were removed from the site.


Evolution also undertook the removal of a large number of trees to make way for the new development. The trees are due to be replaced at a later date.

Evolution were employed to undertake demolition and strip out works to a number of structures track side.


The works were undertaken out of hours due to network rail restrictions and to a tight program.

All structures were safely demolished and waste removed from site for the re-opening of the railway.

The works involved:

  • Full strip out

  • Protection of adjacent network rail assets 

  • Demolition 

  • Waste removal

Croydon Rail Signal Room

Scope: Demolition, Asbestos Removal

Duration: 1 Week

Project: Friern Park

Scope: Strip Out, Demolition and Crushing

Duration: 6 Weeks

Evolution Demolition were tasked with the demolition of the structure in Friern Park.


Demolition preparation works involved the strip out, removal of asbestos and fly tipped rubbish, waste removal and full scaffold.


Demolition was undertaken using high reach demolition machinery and dust suppression machinery.

All waste was segregated on site for removal and recycling with suitable arisings crushed and left on site for future use.

The works also involved significant knotweed removal and protection measures.