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Project: Wrens Cross

Scope: Enabling

Duration: 26 Weeks

Evolution were contacted due to the buildings on site being unstable.

As a result of initial surveys we undertook back propping and structural support works enabling access and further works. We were then tasked with the full structural remediation of the salvageable parts of the listed building and the construction of new internal and external structural elements. The building was adjoined to a funeral directors and morgue, which also required significant temporary works to prevent structural collapse.

Our scope of works included:

  • Surveying for structural stability

  • Temporary and emergency propping

  • Demolition

  • Construction of new floors and walls

  • All new structural timber elements

  • Scaffold

The works required significant planning and co-ordination with our temporary works engineers, clients, structural engineers and historic England.

Project: University of East Anglia

Scope: Structural Alterations

Duration: 2 Weeks

Evolution were tasked with the formation of various different openings in new and existing walls at the UEA.

Works involved:

  • Track sawing 

  • Ring sawing

  • Demolition of infills

  • Temporary works for propping

  • Removal of waste

Works also required the drilling of new services penetration for the various new M+E routes with the structure.

These works encompassed detailed traffic management planning with the local authority, the client and the various other contractors in the area. Deep excavations in the highways were designed, planned and managed to ensure safe works with all 278-works undertaken in house.

Project: HSQ3 

Scope: Structural Alterations

Duration: 2 Weeks

As part of a wider enabling project Evolution were tasked with forming a large opening in an existing piled wall within a live car park.


The works required surveying and temporary works assessment to understand the structural stability of the existing capping beam and the subsequent wire sawing through the piled wall to form a new double width traffic opening for a car park.

Project: Project Zara Bluewater

Scope: Enabling, Demolition, Remediation 

Duration: 14 Weeks

As part of a commercial space refurbishment Evolution were tasked with the formation of various opening and the preparation of various surfaces for follow on activities, these included:

  • Cutting of new lift apertures

  • Formation of new escalator foundations

  • Preparation for internal piling works

  • Openings for new services


All works were conducted within Bluewater shopping centre and were undertaken out of hours due to noise.


The works required electric paint and equipment due to the indoors environment.